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Announcement: MySpice eStore is one-stop luxury shopping!

The MySpice eStore provides one-stop luxury shopping for best-of-best brands. Feel free to shop our authentic merchandise. Do bear in mind that by joining as a Spice Chip member you can receive exquisite offers on your purchase.
By becoming a member of the Spice Chip community, you let vendors know your preferences. This helps us to provide truly customer-driven Big Data.

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Everyone can shop at MySpice eStore whether you are a member or not. As a Spice Chip® member, your shopping experience is enhanced by how you rank products in your MySpiceRack profile. The patented technology system consists of algorithms that process data you supply and learn your preferences so vendors take notice. When you rank your favorite brand, the digital technology sends offers. For example, you buy a Hermès handbag from our MySpice authentic merchandise store. The offer is applied in your purchase transaction. Our Artificial Intelligence methods “learn” which offers delight you – dollar discounts, complimentary products or access to special events. You get your preferred handbag coupled with a great offer – how sweet it is!

Annual membership to Spice Chip is USD$450. Become a member, and be part of a consumer base that defines its relationship with product vendors. Vendors appreciate your patronage and demonstrate it through providing great offers on their fabulous products.

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About I-Meta

Inventing the Spice Chip® Technology

Celia Banks, PhD, CEO

My background is in Information Technology and Organizational Excellence. I have a philosophical doctorate and professional certifications coupled with over 15 years professional experience. I’ve invented a patented Big Data offering to provide luxury retail analytics. By combining my own passion for luxury shopping with knowledge and experience, my mission is to help manage the voice of customer and voice of business relationships for luxury retail manufacturers. I believe that delighting customers with offers on superior brands and identifying customer brand preferences will help vendors achieve operational excellence through the use of analytics to help match inventory to demand.

Purchasing products online is convenient for us consumers. For every transaction, data is left behind about our shopping experience. Seeking repeat shopping, retailers use our purchase history to try and entice us with special offers. Often, these offers have nothing to do with the products we actually want and end up becoming stockpiles of trash! Retailers need a better way to analyze purchase history. The Spice Chip® technology system was created to address the need.

By creating a personalized Spice Rack, a member ranks her/his preferences. Ranking data is stored in a meta database, which does not contain any sensitive, private information. Product vendors subscribe to provide their UPCs into the database system. Algorithms interrogate the databases to produce analytics about member purchasing experiences. Analytical reports are provided to help product vendors predict future purchasing opportunities.

Spice Chip® technology drives consumer meta data!

Vendor Engagement

How Spice Chip® Technology Can Boost Your Revenues


Attention: Calling All Vendors of Exquisite Products!

In its 2015 research, Gartner stated that "Many businesses and IT leaders see the customer experience as a sustainable source of differentiation." Analytics about the customer experience involves collaboration among business and IT leaders, forcing the two to better understand and react to market competitiveness through the use of data and lots of it -- Big Data. I-Meta Inc developed the Spice Chip® technology system to offer an innovative approach to delivering products to consumers and help product makers achieve operational excellence through tighter decision support methods for predicting consumer buying interests.
By becoming a member of the Spice Chip community, you supply your products and offers to a loyal consumer following and can subscribe to obtain analytics reports based on our customer meta data. This is truly customer-driven Big Data.

Meta Data Table

Data about customer experience

GenderTop AreaPurchase AmountTop Brand
FemaleKids375Baby Phat
MaleMen's Clothing4500Dolce & Gabbana

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